Lisbon Guide

My simple list of food and sightseeing recommendations in Lisbon

The first day I would really recommend doing the walking tour of Lisbon:

It really helps you get an idea of which neighborhood you would like to explore, and will show you the major sight seeing places. It takes approx 3 hours only.

Another day, I would really recommend to go to 'Belem', a suburb of Lisbon. One can spend one day here.

Best viewpoints in the city


Lisbon has 2 main neighborhoods for bars: 

I will list some bars from both these places, and also some other places in the city. 

I could go on and on, because there are so many. An area which reminds me of Berlin is 'LX Factory'. I would recommend checking it out. For night life, start at Bairro Alto smalls bars, around 2200 hrs, move to Pink street around 0100 hrs, and go to any place which looks nice. I liked 'Music Box' cause of the concerts. At several bars in Lisbon the guys pay cover, and girls don't. Also, dress better than in Berlin. 


Again, there are a lot of places, but I will list the ones that I really liked:

Coffee and Pastel

Most places serve very good coffee. However, the following offer great Pastel de Nata with the coffee:

Mantegaria has a better tasting cream, but Belem is very crusty.