Lisbon Guide

My simple list of food and sightseeing recommendations in Lisbon

The first day I would really recommend doing the walking tour of Lisbon:

It really helps you get an idea of which neighborhood you would like to explore, and will show you the major sight seeing places. It takes approx 3 hours only.

Another day, I would really recommend to go to 'Belem', a suburb of Lisbon. One can spend one day here.

Best viewpoints in the city

  1. Miradouro de R. de Santa Catarina: (The best sunset I have seen in my life).

  2. Jardim do Torel: (A peaceful one, with less tourists, good to read a book or sit in the shade from the sun).

  3. Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen: (Another beautiful one, with a large terrace and bar, but full of tourists).

  4. Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte: (The highest viewpoint in the city, but very crowded)

  5. Graca, this is close to number 4.


Lisbon has 2 main neighborhoods for bars:

  • Bairro Alto ( more than 100 bars in a small neighborhood, great place to start your night)

  • Pink street (literally a pink street, with bars and clubs around it).

I will list some bars from both these places, and also some other places in the city.

  1. Topo: (A very nice bar offering a great view of the city. It is half indoor, half outdoor on the rooftop. Of course sit out on the rooftop. In the evening a DJ plays house music there. If Heidi is playing, say hi ;) ).

  2. Park Rooftop bar: (Another rooftop bar with a great view of the sunset).

  3. Market at Cais Sodre: (This is similar to Markthalle9 but a bit fancier, and the food is much better)

  4. Sol e pesca: (This place has older brands of canned fish as tapas along with drinks. This bar is on pink street).

  5. Pensao Amor: (Slightly Berlin style bar, but still classier)

  6. Casa do Alentejo: (This is a restaurant, but it has a very nice patio to have drinks)

  7. Boutique Taberna: (This is a bar tucked away on one of the staircases of Lisbon. Great vibe.)

I could go on and on, because there are so many. An area which reminds me of Berlin is 'LX Factory'. I would recommend checking it out. For night life, start at Bairro Alto smalls bars, around 2200 hrs, move to Pink street around 0100 hrs, and go to any place which looks nice. I liked 'Music Box' cause of the concerts. At several bars in Lisbon the guys pay cover, and girls don't. Also, dress better than in Berlin.


Again, there are a lot of places, but I will list the ones that I really liked:

  1. Cevejaria Ramirio: (It is a beer bar, but serves great seafood.)

  2. Tentacoes de Goa: (Goan restaurant from India. This is very close to the Indian food from Goa. Hard to find, but really good food.)

  3. Restaurante O Triguerinho: (Portuguese food. Good for deserts as well)

  4. Giro Lda: (A typical place for Portuguese food run by grumpy old people)

  5. Cabacas: (Grill on stone restaurant).

  6. Taberna Portuguesa: (My favorite restaurant in Lisbon. It is run by a few hipsters, who make grandma's food. The Sanghria they have is great)

  7. A Ceviceria: (Great for Cevices)

Coffee and Pastel

Most places serve very good coffee. However, the following offer great Pastel de Nata with the coffee:

  1. Mantegaria: (Probably the best Pastel de Nata in the world)

  2. Pasteis de Belem: (Probably also the best Pastel de Nata in the world)

Mantegaria has a better tasting cream, but Belem is very crusty.