Bologna Food Guide

My simple list of food and sightseeing recommendations in Bologna


  1. Spaccanapoli

  2. Ranzani13 (hands-down best pizza I ever ate)

  3. Simoni (A glass of wine and some mortadella)

  4. Osteria dell'Orsa

  5. Alce Nero Berberé

  6. La prosciutteria Bologna

  7. Mercato di Mezzo

  8. Manicò

  9. Zerocinquantino

  10. È Cucina Leopardi (concept Restaurant. Inexpensive but stellar, one of my favorites. Go at lunch and let them surprise you)

  11. Va Mo Là (heard really good things about it!)

  12. Osteria delle Donzelle (unlimited tigelle, salumi and wine for 15 per person. Quality is not exceptional but still very good. Perfect for a night out with friends and cozy vibes. Book a table a week or more in advance!)

  13. Marsalino (inexpensive and amazing lunches. Love this place. Trust the waiter with the long hair and he'll feed you properly)

  14. Vag In Ufezzi (never tried, they say good things about it)

  15. Osteria Le Sette Chiese (wow! Go with friends, share a platter of salumi e formaggi and wine and you are gonna have an amazing journey)

  16. Trattoria da Me (they won an important competition and since then everyone loves the place.)

Street Food

  1. Pizzartist

  2. Capra & Cavoli (take-away italian food)

  3. Mozzabella

  4. I panini di Mirò (take a _panino con porchetta e fontina_ )

Ice cream

  1. Cremeria Funivia (probably the best ice-cream you'll ever try. Get the "Alice" flavor for a small surprise at the very end of your ice cream cone)

  2. Galliera 49 (Try the flavour "caramello salato", Italian for "caramel with seasalt" and the Lemon one. Everything is amazing here, you can't go wrong)

  3. Cremeria Santo Stefano


  1. Marsalino (best aperitivo; take drinks and they'll serve you some delicious "bruschette" for free)

  2. Lab 16 (aperitivo with huge buffet; I personally don't like it, many do. Quality is low in my opinion, but cheap and good for groups.)